Our desire is that each person is intentional about sharing their faith in their daily lives. 

That means building relationships  with our neighbors, co-workers

  It's something that many of our people are involved in and actively participate in. We believe that every believer is called to share their faith with others. The Gospel is good news for all!!

As a church we are active in our own community - check out how we Serve Grimes and get out and do Random Acts of Kindness

We also recognize that we are called to take the gospel to those who are hurting and to those who have never heard. We do this thru our support of the IMB

We are excited to to see how God is using people from Crossroads to go on short term trips to Peru and Zambia, as well as a year long commitment to Laos. We continue to explore ways we can build partnerships with missionaries already on the field.

Do you feel called, is God speaking to you about a ministry or opportunity? Please share that with us - click on the "God's Leading Me" link below.

God's Leading Me